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Dairy Wastewater Filtration

Reduce your wastewater taxes and chemical consumption with a fully automated system.

Are you struggling with high wastewater taxes and chemical consumption? Would you like to significantly reduce your COD, oils/fat, Nitrogen, Phosphor in your wastewater? With LiqTech’s innovative membrane filtration solution, you can achieve a more economically sustainable dairy business by drastically reducing the OPEX of your wastewater management.

The LiqTech filtration solution has proven to achieve:

  • 56 % Reduction of COD
  • Removing Fats and Oils to a non-detectable level
  • 47 % Reduction of Nitrogen
  • 27 % Reduction of Phosphor
  • Over 4 x better reduction in COD than traditional technologies without the need for coagulation or flocculation chemicals


A better solution than conventional technologies:

The Liqtech UF system does not: 
  • create odor nuisance (like membrane bioreactor)
  • require large floor space (like flat sheet membranes)
  • need coagulation or flocculation chemicals (like Band filter) 
  • require membrane replacement (like Polymer systems)
  • require manual effort to run the system (self-driven system) 

Case study: Mammen Dairy

With Mammen Dairy, LiqTech has significantly reduced their COD and fats/oils levels by implementing LiqTechs innovative ceramic membrane filtration technology. Apart from performing over 4x times better than their previous system, the LiqTech solution has also eliminated the need for flocculant and coagulant chemicals in the filtration process. Please have a look at our third-party testing results (SGS Analytics).



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