7 million USD savings per year in OPEX on a 2.5 million USD investment!

Phosphoric Acid Filtration

LiqTech has now proven that some of the challenges in the production of Phosphoric Acid can be met with remarkable results on OPEX and a higher quality product.

Phosphoric acid (PA) is an essential industrial chemical heavily applied in the fertilizer industry, metallurgical industry, and the food and beverage industry.

The LiqTech Water acid filtration system is ideal for phosphoric filtration. It can be used for phosphate rock (PR), phosphatic fertilizers, phosphate-based food and beverage ingredients, phosphate-based pharmaceutical ingredients, and much more.


CASE: 7 million USD savings per year in OPEX on a 2.5 million USD investment!

This result has been reached by replacing leaf filters with a LiqTech silicon carbide membrane filtration unit.

  • Replacement of DE/filters in leaf filters – no material to be changed in LiqTech filtration
  • Running cost of DE material for leaf filters is eliminated
  • Shut down of plant for maintenance of leaf filters and replacement of paper filters is eliminated
  • Prolonged life of carbon beds with LiqTech membrane filters up to +3 years due to better pre-filtration going from 2 microns for leaf filters to 0.3 microns with LiqTech filters. (With our HTM Hybrid Technology Membranes, we can go as low as 0.06 microns)
  • Significant lower frequency on change of carbon in carbon beds due to better pre-filtration
  • LiqTech's fully automated membrane solution requires minimal maintenance and no operators with reduced operational cost and downtime as a result
  • Approx. 60% higher output with the same footprint
  • With phosphoric acid of min. 85% pureness, the price of the final product increases accordingly.

The above-addressed improvements have resulted in approx. 75% increased production by increased flow, minimal downtime, and running cost, with a cleaner product as a result.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with LiqTech for more info; we are here to assist you in optimizing your production through dialog to the mutual benefit of all parties.


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